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Mielle Organics

Since its start, Mielle Organics became a hair care leader with effective products and great service. Mielle Organics started in 2014 and gained attention with its top product, the Advanced Hair Formula. This special blend of herbs, amino acids, and minerals boosts hair, skin, and nails while strengthening the immune system. Mielle Organics met high demand by adding Mint Almond Oil to its line. It stimulates the scalp, boosts hair growth, and adds shine. Mielle Organics uses organic ingredients for diverse hair types. They're known for "root to results" excellence.


Try luxurious hair care with Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint , enriched with revitalizing biotin.Say goodbye to split ends and hello to healthy, shiny locks!. Rosemary and mint make your hair feel fresh and awake while feeding it all it needsExperience a refreshing boost with Mielle Rosemary Mint shampoo, With biotin for a fresh feel. Use Mielle Rosemary Mint conditioner for soft, shiny hair that's easy to manage. With regular use, your hair becomes stronger, livelier, and healthier. Transform your hair care routine with Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint collection. Experience the fusion of beauty and wellness that redefines healthy, radiant hair.


Treat your curls with Mielle's special blend of pomegranate and honey. These products strengthen hair with natural pomegranate, honey, and babassu oil. Keep your hair care simple with our organic hair serum. Apply it from root to tip, focusing on any problem spots. Mielle's Pomegranate and Honey collection has a leave-in conditioner, sculpting custard, defining mousse. They're all made to revive damaged hair. Mielle has products for all curl types, whether you want to enhance natural curls or define twists. Set hydrated, healthy hair with Mielle's Pomegranate and Honey collection. Each product is made with love to help you love and embrace your curls.


Revive dry curls with Mielle Organics' Hawaiian Ginger collection. Our products are carefully made to hydrate and nourish each strand, leaving your curls refreshed and renewedTry Mielle Moisture Rx Hawaiian Ginger Moisturizing Leave-In ConditionerIt's infused with avocado, coconut, and olive oil for essential moisture and vitality. Finish your styling with Moisture Rx Hawaiian Ginger Moisturizing Styling GelIt defines curls, locks in moisture, and controls frizz for lasting shine. Try Moisture Rx Hawaiian Ginger Moisturizing Overnight Conditioner for extra hydration. It's enriched with botanicals to replenish and strengthen your hair as you sleep. Use Mielle's Moisture Rx Hawaiian Ginger Shampoo when it's time to wash. Our shampoo gently cleanses and strengthens curls, leaving them soft and easy to manage. Rediscover your curls beauty with Mielle Organic's; Hawaiian Ginger collection.


Hydrate your curls with Mielle Organics Babassu Oil products. Crafted with the finest natural ingredients , Mielle Babassu Oil collection hydrates and nourishes curly hair, leaving it soft and manageable.Begin your routine with Mielle Avocado Moisturizing Hair Milk. It's made with babassu oil and avocado extract to hydrate and strengthen your hair. Use Mielle Babassu and Mint Deep Conditioner, next. It has babassu oil and mint to deeply hydrate and promote hair growth. Last, wash your curls with Mielle Babassu Conditioning Shampoo. It cleans without removing natural oils, leaving hair clean and refreshed. Discover the beauty of your curls with Mielle Organics Babassu Oil products.


Try Mielle Organics' Brazilian Curly Cocktail collection, for hydrated, soft, and frizz-free curls. These products have Brazilian oils like buriti fruit oil, babassu oil, and murumuru seed butter to nourish and enhance your natural curls. Begin with Mielle Babassu Brazilian Curly Cocktail Curl Mousse, It adds volume and definition to your curls while keeping them hydrated and bouncy. For extra moisture and control, use Mielle Brazilian Curly Cocktail Curl Cream with Babassu OilIt has babassu oil to nourish and strengthen curls, making them soft, smooth, and manageable. Mielle Organics' Brazilian Curly Cocktail collection has products for both natural-looking curls and defined, frizz-free curls. Use these luxury products for your curly hair and find the secret to beautifully hydrated, vibrant curls.



Check out Mielle Organics new Rice Water hair care line for healthy hair growth. Each product in this collection is made with rice water to improve your hair's health and appearance. Rice Water is your solution for strong, shiny, hydrated hair. Begin with Rice Water Collection Clay MasqueIt deeply nourishes and revitalizes hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and full of life. Try Mielle Organics Rice Water Split End Therapy Drops, for repairing and protecting damaged ends. They promote healthier, stronger hair from root to tip. Regular use improves hair's elasticity, resilience, and shine. Boost your hair care with Mielle Organics' Rice Water collection and let your hair shine


Explore Mielle Organics' Mongongo Oil collection , for versatile hair care. It hydrates, repairs, and protects your hair with every style. Whether it's wash day or styling, Mongongo Oil collection has what you need. Begin with Mielle Mongongo Oil Pre Shampoo TreatmentIt nourishes and prepares your hair for cleansing, leaving it soft, smooth, and ready for the next step. Finish with Mielle Mongongo Oil Style Setting SprayIt gives long-lasting hold and protects against humidity and frizz. These products have mongongo oil for healthy, beautiful hair and unique style. Try Mielle Organics' Mongongo Oil collection for a better hair care routine. See the power of natural ingredients for yourself.


Meet Mielle Organics' Oats and Honey collection, perfect for gentle hair care for sensitive scalps. This collection is great for delicate skin but works for everyone. It's for both men and women who want nurturing hair care. Mielle Oats and Honey Blend Soothing Shampoo gently cleanses the scalp without causing irritation. Try Mielle Oats and Honey Blend Soothing Conditioner. It hydrates and revitalizes hair, leaving it soft and smooth. Enjoy the soothing oats and honey in Mielle Organics' gentle collection for ultimate scalp and hair care.


Fight hair shedding Mielle Organics' Sea Moss Collection, for daily or seasonal hair loss. Using sea moss, one of nature's potent seaweeds, this collection promotes hair health and vitality. Start with Mielle Sea Moss Anti Shedding ShampooIt gently cleans and reduces shedding while strengthening your hair. Use Mielle Sea Moss Anti Shedding Conditioner next. It hydrates and strengthens your hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and resilient. Regular use improves hair health and density with sea moss acting as "food for the hair and scalp." Enjoy the change with Mielle Organics' Sea Moss Collection and say goodbye to shedding.