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Afro Hair Boutique offers you the freedom to change up your look whenever you desire, thanks to the fantastic range of hair wigs, hair extensions and synthetic braids on offer. With lengths, shades and styles to suit every individual, you will be spoilt for choice with the extensive range on offer. Each style comes in a huge range of colours, so you can show off a new haircut in multiple looks, perfect to suit any outfit. All wigs are made of either 100 per cent human hair, or excellent quality synthetic fibre, both of which are high-quality and offer a fully natural and luxurious look. Wigs also come in a range of lengths and preset styles, and can suit any hair type. In addition to wigs, Afro Hair Boutique offers a huge range of extensions and weaves, as well as all necessary closures, clip-ons and partings for a truly authentic look. We also provide high-quality synthetic and human hair braids in a range of styles, including Afro, loose curls, waves and straight styles. Don’t forget to read our read our guide to wigs and hair extensions

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Have you ever felt like changing up your look? Wanted to show off a brand new you for a night out or special occasion? Had a secret desire to become a different character altogether? Or even just fancied a new do for a new day? This is something we have all thought about from time to time, but life, expense and work have prevented us from making a permanent change. Afro Hair Boutique makes it possible to alter your style at the drop of a hat, to match your outfit, occasion or mood.Offering human hair and synthetic wigs in a huge variety of colours and styles, updating your do has never been easier.Products also come in a range of prices, ensuring there is something to suit every budget, and there is no minimum purchase required to qualify for free delivery anywhere in the UK.All hair is of the highest quality - the top seller, Virgin Remi human hair weaves, is famous for its quality finish and look.Hair also comes in a range of styles and textures, with straight weaves including Silky weave, Remi and Yaki weave, and wavy textures including Loose Body, Body Wave, French Wave, Indian Curl and Loose Deep.As well as quality, you can be sure of comfort as all wigs are fitted with Pure Stretch Caps, able to stretch across the entire perimeter of the wig, to ensure a secure fit all day long, and no chance of headaches to spoil your day or evening.Most of our products can be further customised, curled, styled or straightened without losing their lustre or luxurious finish, ensuring that you can tailor your look to match your requirements exactly.Whatever your need or mood, find exactly what you desire at Afro Hair Boutique, and match your look to your personality with ease and comfort - there is no longer an excuse not to rock fabulous hair!