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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay UK

How to use Aztec Healing Clay?

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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay UK

How to use Aztec Healing Clay?

To use Aztec Healing Clay simply mix the clay with equal parts of raw apple cider vinegar or water. Use a non-metal bowl and utensil to mix. Stir the mixture until it turns into a smooth paste. Add more clay or liquid as required. Apply to your skin. Let it dry for 5 - 10 minutes. To remove clay, rinse your skin with warm water. You may experience a slight redness of the skin, but this is normal and should disappear 30 minutes after use.

Can you use Aztec Healing Clay everyday?

Perfect for using once per week. You can apply to problem skin areas more often.

What does Aztec Healing Clay do for your skin?

Aztec Healing Clay acts as a cleanser which draws impurities from deep within your pores to prevent breakouts and blemishes. The clay purifies your skin to keep it looking healthy with a glowing complexion. You can use it as a full face mask or to treat problem areas, such as a breakout. Add this to your weekly beauty ritual to enjoy a relaxing facial, foot soak or hair mask that leaves your skin looking and feeling great.

Health and Beauty Aztec Secret Healing Clay is the “world’s most powerful facial”, made from 100% natural bentonite clay from Death Valley, California.

As a deep pore cleansing mask, the Indian Healing Clay can be mixed with water or apple cider vinegar to give you an impressive at-home facial which draws out impurities from the pores - leaving skin purified, cleansed and glowing.

Recommended for acne and blemishes, under-hydrated skin, insect bites, foot soaks, body wraps, hair mask and knee packs - this deep pore cleansing clay has multiple uses and draws upon beauty rituals from 4,000 years ago.

This natural product is fragrance and paraben-free, suitable for vegans and is not tested on animals.

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